Friday, April 26, 2013

Thumbnailing Thumthing Thpecial

So exciting! Chicago illustrator Aaron Miller is now working on our Oz-inspired faerie art and, although I've only seen a few of his initial thumbnail sketches of the faerie scarecrow, faerie tin man, and faerie cowardly lion, I can say we are off to a great start. I'm only gonna share one little glimpse this week, but will reward your patience with some images for our previous endeavors.

A few years ago, we were working with a friend of Aaron's, Jeff Himmelman, who designed a series of scarecrow images for us, each based on a famous artist. Here's the mascot for Scarecrows at the Museum, our own Vincent Van Crow

After Vincent, we urged Jeff to look to more modern artist and he offered us Jack the Dripper. Can you guess which artist he is suppose to be?

After nailing Jackson Pollock, he then turned to Frida Kahlo, or as we liked to call her, Frida Kahlcrow

Other fun stuff was then added to really play up the scaring-of-the-crows aspect of the event.

David D.J. Rau
Director of Education and Outreach

David D.J. Rau coordinates as well as participates in the Museum’s October creative endeavors. You can contact him at

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