Friday, April 12, 2013

Inspired by Oz

It's been a very busy week working with the artists who will be creating the mini-faerie installations, based on the 24 chapters in the original text of The Wizard of Oz this October at the Museum. Artists were asked to look over the chapters and pick their top three choices. Some even shared their early ideas and, let me tell you, we are in for a wonderful array of wee faerie creations inspired by Oz. So very excited. I plan to post the artists and their chapters in upcoming posts. 
However, this week I was looking back at the first Wee Faerie Village, and I came across some of my own collage work that was inspired by the Museum's faeries. At the time I was working with historic tin-types to create collages. Eventually the faerie enchantment crept in and I started using maple seedlings as wings to transform these sober men of yesteryear into faeries. Ironically, considering our upcoming project, I called these works "Tin Men."
Seeing my work, a friend noticed a connection with another artist, Alex Gross, who paints over cabinet cards. A very talented artist, he transforms the sitter in the early photograph into heros, monsters, Xmen, and more. I went to his website recently and was delighted by this collection of Oz-inspired images. I immediately ordered his book which is filled with his mini masterpieces. I think his approach to the characters of Oz is clearly inspired--and what I would give to own that Wicked Witch of the West. Simply Oz-some. By the way, you can get more information about him at his website, His book is available from Amazon.

In closing, I want to "thank you" for reading, and do feel free to send me link of other works of art you come across that are "inspired by Oz."
David D.J. Rau
Director of Education and Outreach

David D.J. Rau coordinates as well as participates in the Museum’s October creative endeavors. You can contact him at

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