Monday, January 12, 2009

Being Part of a Bigger Community

So why would a museum blog? Be on Facebook? Share photos on Flickr? Or do any of the other things we are trying? The answer is, it’s all about being a part of a community and forming relationships. We’re in Old Lyme, so we love our Old Lyme friends, many of who have supported the museum for years and years. We live on the shoreline, so that’s our community too. We’re part of organizations that serve all of eastern Connecticut, so we have many followers from further north and, thanks to the Museum’s status as a destination, we entertain visitors from all over the world! And don’t get me started about our “niches”…art lovers, garden enthusiasts…kids that go to camp…Hot Air Clubbers…people who love historic barns (you know who you are)…really, the list can go on and on. The Florence Griswold Museum has a lot to offer and thankfully the internet is making it so much easier to interact with people, build relationships and bring our communities together. Just think, there could be a lady in Wales who loves historic gardens and has somehow found us online. Maybe she bookmarks our page in hopes of planning a trip to New England someday, or maybe she knows she will never visit, but becomes a fan on our Facebook page because she wants to keep up on what we are doing. Even better, let’s say her cousin has a friend in Rhode Island so she e-mails her about the Museum and one Sunday, that friend brings her family here for a visit. The world just got smaller and our community bigger! So to all you adorers of art, roamers of riverscapes, lovers of lilacs, fans of Florence, and people who patronize puppet performances, spread the word from Avon to Altoona…setup a group, add your comments, post your pictures and lets be a part of the not-so big world!

Here's the Museum's Facebook page
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Here's the Museum's Flickr page
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grammyedyse said...

what a pleasure it was to work on stickworks from the beginning and seeing it near completion. My favorite room..that I helped "weave" each week is complete. Mr. Dougherty said I did a good job.. Imagine... if my work is good.. his is amazing. we are very have one of his works in Old Lyme. I look forward to seeing it..COMPLETE. ..without scaffolding and ladders in front.

littlemarymixup said...

i just love to visit...we have such fun as a family..even though our kids are early's a very special place for all of us....we still love sundays...painting ...we have lots of artwork all through out the house...masterpiece!

littlemarymixup said...

i'm a mom who loves doing all kinds of art and love sharing art with kids...ours especially. we love sundays at the flogris...where all of us, dad and 2 kids...even the golden retrievers have been up with us! they haven't painted yet!

Angelika Cote said...

I had a great time painting "en plein air" yesterday with my kids. feel free to read about it in my blog: