Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ex Libris

Shortly after Thomas Nason's death the Boston Public Library began work on a complete catalogue of his prints.  In 1977, Francis Comstock and William Fletcher released  The Work of Thomas W. Nason in conjunction with the BPL.  The book contains reproductions of every Nason print, critical essays, extensive indexes, as well as Nason's own essay on the history of wood engraving.  It is the definitive work on Nason that's been on my desk for months while I was preparing the exhibition.  In addition to a deluxe edition, a limited run of 1000 copies was printed.  

Our shop manager, Matt Greene, intrepidly tracked down the last remaining lot of these books and they will soon arrive in our shop. These are new, not used, copies of the original limited edition.  You may even find the deluxe edition on our shelves as well.  While you're shopping make sure to check out the the volumes of Frost poetry and other books illustrated by Nason on sale now.

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