Friday, May 04, 2012

A Star is Planted

On 01 May, 2012, Sheila Wertheimer, the Museum’s Garden Historian, planted a new tree on the grounds. It is called a Star Magnolia “Dr. Merrill”. It is a multi-stemmed cultivar, and appears quite different from the Star Magnolia that Miss Florence planted on the property back in the 1920’s. That tree had been located in the woods between the House and the Lyme Art Association until it succumbed to the elements two years ago. The new tree was planted near the west end of the Huntley Brown House gardens on the spot where the Black Scotch Pine once grew two years ago. Jeff, the Director, was very fond of that tree before it died, calling it his favorite tree on the property. We felt it was time to put another beautiful and distinctive tree in its place. Jerry LaFevre and Brian Renshaw, two of Sheila’s indispensible assistants, ably helped transport and plant the new magnolia.
Here’s to wishing it many long and happy years with us!

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