Friday, March 30, 2012

the Museum gets a New (for us) Truck!

Thanks to all the generous “Raise Your Bid” contributions from our 2011 Annual Fund-Raiser Auction, the Museum has managed to procure a new (for us) pick-up truck.  It is a 2004 Ranger Green F-250 Extended Cab Ford that we found at Saybrook Ford. We also bought a brand-new plow that we attached to the front-end in the event of snow. I daresay, we had only one opportunity this season to test it out before spring descended upon us.  Nonetheless, the truck will come in very handy this season for removing garden debris, as well as transporting near and sundry all year long as the  museum’ s busy calendar dictates; whether it is in support of  Faire Village projects, or moving pedestals and platforms for gallery exhibits, or hauling trash  after the Mid-summer  and Annual Auction Event.


Thank you all again for your generous support.

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