Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring has Sprung at the Florence Griswold Museum

Spring has sprung at the Florence Griswold Museum

It took a while but spring has finally come to Old Lyme.

Do not miss an opportunity to visit the grounds of the Museum during the heady days of “First Greens”.   Myriad daffodils abound on the grounds; in particular just north of the Florence Griswold House. 

As you drive in through the main entrance to the Museum, don’t miss the beautiful old cherry tree on the left just past the tulip tree. It possesses such a sublime essence of pale pink beauty. It has only a few days of glory before it sheds its petals.

The trees and shrubberies are coming into their own.  We are well into the first blush of spring and the Pepperidge and Willow are harbingers of the early leafing of our Maples, Beeches, Oaks and Dogwoods.

The historical garden and Huntley Brown gardens are also displaying the first flowering of April and May flowers. The first tulip was seen yesterday.  Lilacs are just around the corner.

Come quick, come soon; spring is too quickly a fleeting memory of loveliness and aromatic smells.

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